Welcome to the introduction to the "Artistic Direction" section of my web-portfolio. Below you will find a brief outline of and background to what you will find.

I've only been doing what one should call "artistic direction" since 1995. I suppose that a few projects I led before then were in that direction, but I wouldn't give my role then the title of "art director" as I had not yet fully developed a full understanding of photographic and graphic expression, therefore could not fully exploit and manage the intricacies of how they work together. At the risk of immodest I can also say that, since my graphic beginnings in 1984, I have also accumulated at least a working knowledge of every other trade around visual design that aids and supports its successful publication.

In my opinion, every element in every design plays a role in getting the intended message across to the viewer. The message is the most important part of any presentation; design only expresses it. In addition, a vague impression (or 'feeling' as we often expected to 'feel' today) will only become even more vague and diluted as it moves down the creation process through to the viewer who sees it. A clear message with the phrasing to fit, the images to suit it and the page design to give it attitude will be as a punch to the passing eye and will leave a lasting impression in the mind behind it.

I have always done my best to apply the above to all of my work. Here I have included a few of my favourite publications: you can find them in the 'Tome II - 'Graphic Design' section of the contents page. To get there, just click on either the 'index' below or the or the big 'jm-schomburg' heading above. If you would like to contact me, you can do so through the envelope you will see in the lower-right side of your screen. And please, have a nice visit.