Welcome to the introduction page to the "Reportages" section of my web-portfolio. Below you will find a brief outline and background of what you will find within.

I live for sharing discovery. My Parisian history articles for foreign magazines was more than enough to keep me happy in this light, but eventually my interest and assignments spread to other cities and the people in them. Today the list includes Paris and many of France's cities, Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Holland, Germany, England, and many cities in the US.

What interests me most about a country isn't just its historical origins, it's how the people got from there to today. I do love history, but as far as photography is concerned, singling out cultural origins is in a way ignoring the variety and mix of lifestyles that today's shrinking world has created. Looking everywhere for 'new' is one of my favourite pasttimes; if I catch it catching someone's eye, it catches mine especially.

I will gladly accept any impromptu assignments in Paris or the Parisian region, but it you want anything further from my home then please contact me with an outline of what you have in mind. For now you can have a perusal through some of what I have done by clicking on the 'index' below or the or the big 'jm-schomburg' heading above. If you would like to contact me, you can do so through the envelope you will see in the lower-right side of your screen. And please, have a pleasent visit.