Welcome. This page is an introduction to the "Expositions" section of my web-portfolio, as it gives a bit of the background to my work in this area.

My first Paris expositions were about the city's outskirts. The narrow alleys of the Belleville heights, the Père Lachaise cemetery, the wastelands of the former St. Ouen factory district: though these places were barren and long abandoned, I think it was their atmospheres saturated with the spirit of human passage that inspired me. Whether it be through the broken rods of a wrought iron fence or an old machine handle worn smooth by decades of use, these places still spoke for the humans who once occupied them.

My expositions halted when my career strayed to more commercial climes, but my discovery of Paris' catacombes around 1996 made experimental photography my front-line interest once again. Charged with ideas for another exposition, I spent a four-day underground camping trip putting them to practice. The resulting images were printed on a two-metre high back-lit support and shown at the Flèche d'Or café, a bar/concert hall occupying a former station of Paris' long-abandoned Petite Ceinture railway. As you can imagine, the lieu of this impromptu exposition would become the source of another inspiration.

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