Welcome to the "Web Design" section of my web-portfolio. Below you will find a brief outline of and background to what you will find within.

My web design experience is a recent aquisition; I've only been doing it for two years. It was actually against my will that I began learning it, as it was (in my humble opinion) a still developing technology that would have already changed by the time I had learned it. Though this turned out to be true, I managed to make it quickly through my apprenticeship (to myself) and design two websites. My first website was in HTML, Javascript, Flash, and PHP; this HTML page is the introduction to my second - done purely in Flash.

I must say that I am very pleased with Macromedia's Flash program, as it is the closest any computer application existing has come to mimicking human spatial imagination; that is to say it is as easy to manipulate as a piece of paper. Not only can I cut and paste a layout the way I want it without boxes and columns, I can also make one design animate itself into another on the same page. I have yet to exploit all the ideas I have for this application, but I can tell you here that they are not gong to be any line-and-shape animation, all are geared towards re-creating reality.

To access the 'web design' section of my portfolio, please click on either the 'index' below or the 'jm-schomburg' heading above, then choose 'Tome II - Graphic Design' from the menu to the left once you get to the 'Contents' page. Once there, if you have an idea in mind you would like to contact me about, you can do so through the envelope you will see in the lower right of your screen. But for now, I wish you a pleasant visit.