Welcome to the text introduction to the "Photo Essay" section of my web-portfolio. Below you will find a brief outline of and background to what you will find within.

I'll keep it brief here as this section is just beginning. There's only one entry now, but there will soon be more.

The In/Out project you will see there is a series of digital 'polaroids' I have taken of Paris' various 'hip' spots and nightclubs between the hours of five and nine AM. The magnifying glass/light table effect was just me having some fun with the many possibilities flash offers; It looks like a light table so just treat it like one. This series will eventually, when I complete it this summer (I'm about two-thirds there), will probably be a small A6 booklet size.

To proceed to my web-portfolio, click on either the 'index' below or the 'jm-schomburg' heading above. If you would like to go straight to the abovementioned works, you should choose 'Tome III - Pending Publications' from the menu to the left once you get to the 'Contents' page. I haven't yet begun looking for an editor, but if you are one of that breed and are interested in my work you can contact me through the envelope you will see in the lower right of your screen. But for now, no matter the reason for your visit, I wish you a pleasant perusal.