Welcome. This page is an introduction to the "fashion" section of my web-book, here you can read about some background to my work in this area.

My first steps in this area of photography came about a bit sooner than I had intended. I was interested in fashion but not quite sure how to approach it, and it was probably because of this that I began 'hanging' with students from the Studio Bercot fashion school. I brought up the subject of getting into fashion with the school's director, Mme Rucki, and when I expressed my doubts about being able to approach fashion photography 'seriously' (in finding models, makeup and such) she answered: "there were many young people (in her school) who would be more than willing to model their clothes (for me)". Lesson learned, I began to concentrate on what I wanted to say through experimentation and creativity before I got to the technique. After a few impromptu experimental shootings, some with quite enlightening results, it was much to my surprise that one of the creators whose work I had shot six months earlier called to tell me that the Japanese magazine 'Ryuko Tsushin' would be publishing our work.

Though at first sober, my fashion photography began to sway towards increasingly 'expressive situations' which eventually resulted in a 'photo roman' style. It was great fun and I still use that techninque from time to time if I have the pages and the budget, but nowadays I try to concentrate as much of that story energy as I can into the styling of one scene. Though I rarely have felt an urge to use a studio, I do love to transform a given 'outside' setting into one.

If you find my work of interest to you and would like something of a similar style for yourself or your creations, you can contact me through the envelope you will see in the lower right of your screen. But first, to continue through to my portfolio, please click either on 'index' below or the big 'jm-schomburg' heading above. And please, have a nice visit.